Glass City

In our Glass City – Hollow Glass Factory historical and glass art study warehouse we present the glass collection of the Dornyay Béla Museum. The museum's glass material consists of nearly 4000 items. The collection, which is very significant in quality, in addition to some glass products from Parádsasvár and Slovakia, contains mostly the products of the Salgótarján Hollow Glass Factory and its legal predecessor, the Salgótarján Bottle Factory (founded in 1892 under the name of Lukács Béla Huta and commissioned in 1983), which have been owned by the museum since 1960.

The collection represents every period of the history of the hollow glass factory, from its inception to the products before its unfortunate closure. In addition to 63 sample books (decor, form and product drawing books), the glass collection is completed by 620 technical drawings. The really interesting books contain designs and samples of each glass object. In addition to this, the collection contains glass-forming tools: mouth-opening and glass-forming scissors, a pipe, and semiautomatic forms.

With the tools, plans and products realized, the process from design to implementation can be beautifully illustrated, that is, how a glass object is made, and in addition to the presentation of glass art, the history of hollow glass production in Salgótarján, its factory and city history aspects.


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