„Birth of a Town” Salgótarján during the mayoralty of Förster Kálmán


  • 59 pieces 70x50 cm full surface colour printed and laminated 3mm plastic decorative boards with colour photos of Salgótarján taken between 1922-1944 (1 large photo per board)
  • 2 pieces 2x1 m banners with photo montage
  • 1 piece 100x70 cm board with (hungarian) summary

The number of the boards can be adjusted according to the size of the exhibition area. The boards represent Salgótarján between the world wars. Contemporary urban development is demonstrated by group photos and event photos focusing on the town building people (themes: town photographs, world of work, building sites, workers of industrial plants, political and social events, education, culture).

120 Years of Salgótarján Hollow Glass Factory


  • 31 pieces 50x70 cm full surface colour printed and laminated 3mm plastic decorative boards showing the history, versatile production activity, social significance of the glass factory using contemporary photos and glass designs.
  • 1 piece100x70 cm board with (hungarian) summary

Fine Arts and Literary Material of Painter Balázs János

Balázs János was born on 27 November 1905 in Alsókubin and died on 18 March 1977 in Salgótarján. He lived in Salgótarján with his hihglander Gypsy musician family since the age of 5. he developed his unique visual and mental world as an autodidact. As a child he was touched by the charm of painting and drawing but he started to deal exclusively with fine art and writing only as an elderly person. The language of his art nurtured by individual mythology is not at all naive but rather it is a very specific approach of the world around us. The importance of his poetry and prose is equivalent to his paintings.

Balázs János produced countless works in a decade dedicated to artistic activity. He painted almost obsessively onto canvas, hessian, wood and paper. Unfortunately, his works were scattered after his death, several of his artworks are in the collections of known and unknown, occasionally foreigner collectors. The Art Collection of the Dornyay Béla Museum has a very nice collection of his paintings and sketchbooks. The Literary History Collection of the museum contains a significant amount of his valuable lyric and prose manuscripts. Our Balázs János material was successfully exhibited several times in Hungary and abroad (Paris, Leiden).

The loan exhibition can include his paintings, graphic works and literary material. A large puzzle puff (suitable for museum educational activites) can also be borrowed.

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