Our collections of fine art and literary history preserves the fine art and literary heritage of János Balázs. The aim of our virtual exhibition is to introduce you to the special oeuvre of János Balázs, a Roma painter.

János Balázs was born in Alsókubin. His grandfather and father were both well-known fiddlers who made a living for their family. At the age of five, he was half-orphaned, and the family moved to Salgótarján on the Gypsy estate of Pécskő Hill, where they lived in a shanty. He graduated from two elementary school classes, but he read a lot and started writing and drawing poems as a child.

Thanks to his passion for knowledge, he has continuously developed his literacy and developed a unique worldview. He started painting in 1971 at the age of 66 and was given only eight creative years. His pictures reveal a special world: many aspects of everyday life, fantastic visions and impressions. They give us an insight into the enormous cultural heritage, mysticism, yearning and sentiment of a people, the Gypsies. And he made it all up without ever leaving his home. He is an almost unparalleled figure in Hungarian fine art and poetry, who has created unique and extraordinary works in his hermitage.

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The old hermit of the star director - János Balázs's art (Shah Timor film)


János Balázs: Poems-confessions-visions

Balázs János: Versek – vallomások – látomások


"... I Travel on Fate" - Selection of János Balázs's literary works

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