The Dornyay Béla Museum received a county archaeological collection in July 2013, complete with archaeological tasks. From this time on, besides field work, the museum also became responsible for the preservation, temporary and permanent storage and storage of archaeological finds.

The current archaeological stock of the museum consists of several items: the items that have been added to the inventory and the entries in the archaeological inventory opened in 2014 (2753 items) and the major investments in the county since 2013, mainly for the construction of road 21 the preservation of artifacts related to the work done with the museum's subcontractors. These materials are still subject to scientific processing. Most of them are burials and settlements from prehistoric times, mostly of late Bronze Age.

A significant number and valuable part of the museum's own collection is found by metal detectors working on museum assignments in the county, primarily numismatics and other medieval metal finds.

Another significant part is found already during the performance of museum tasks, mainly during archaeological observations (eg in the inner part of Héhalom), or during trial excavations (Mátraszőlős-Királydomb, 2006, Ecseg, roman catholic church, 2018, Salgótarján-Parish, 2018, Garáb, premontre monastery, 2018-2019, Salgótarján-Baglyaskő, 2019).

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