The Historical Documentation Collection of the Dornyay Béla Museum can be divided into several units such as document library, poster and leaflet collection, brochure collection, photo gallery, film and audio library and picture card collection. We have two assistant collections: the photo negative library and the data warehouse.

Most of the collection of works of art is the 19th and 20th century written and pictorial document of the political, social and industrial history of Nógrád county. Our poster collection is particularly significant, which according to the collection concept of recent decades has one of the nation’s richest after 1945 propaganda poster material. In our photo gallery (as well as in our postcards collection) the industrial and political history themed photos form a remarkable part. The town photos representing the complete reconstruction of Salgótarján in the second half of the 20th century are also significant.

The whole collection counts some 70 000 pieces, which forms the written and pictorial documentational material of the past 150 years county history.

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