Dornyay Béla Museum

Mining Exhibition Venue


The Museum, the Mining Exhibition Hall and the Outdoor Exhibition Hall are all easily accessible by car, train and bus. Those arriving by train must arrive at Salgótarján at the main square station and leave the station in the south and immediately reach the open-air exhibition area. From here, they arrive at the museum via the underpass next to the Apollo Cinema. From the train station it is approx. 2 minutes walk. Those arriving by bus can follow the same route as the underpass of the train station leads to the bus station.

The easiest way to get to our Mining Exhibition Site is for those arriving by public transport by heading for Road 21 (at the so-called Litke junction) and leaving the big intersection for the Town Market. Behind this is the Mining Exhibition Site.

There are more parking spaces at the Dornyay Béla Museum, and there is a parking machine nearby. Parking is free in front of the Mining Exhibition Hall.

Our colleagues at the Museum will be happy to provide information on how to get to nearby attractions.

Outdoor Exhibition

An outdoor exhibition space is located at the MÁV train station at Salgótarján (main square), behind the southern exit stairs.

Please take care of your physical health because of train traffic.

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